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Safety, Scheduling and Everyday School Communications Now Integrated in One Complete System - Linking the District to the Campus to the Classroom

Rauland's Telecenter U® delivers critical communications -- from emergencies to everyday - anywhere, anytime

MT. PROSPECT, IL (May 19, 2014) --- A new district-wide critical communications system has been introduced by Rauland-Borg to manage emergency communications within each school campus and building, in addition to daily scheduling and everyday communications.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of K-12 schools, the new Telecenter U® system offers a complete network-based system to connect an entire school district in a single unified solution. The system integrates and manages emergency coordination, daily events such as bell scheduling, and everyday needs including morning announcements and classroom to front office communications.

Critical Communications

"The needs and demands from school districts have changed dramatically over the last decade," said George Lind, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rauland Borg's education line. . "Lockdowns occur at K-12 schools every day, and planning for safety and preparedness is a critical issue. Telecenter U delivers the technology necessary for schools to communicate emergency information district-wide as needed, and respond quickly to any scenario - in addition to handling the day-to-day communications that every school requires."

"Today's IP-based systems are far different from the older analog systems common in many schools," said Lind. "With an advanced system like Telecenter U, district-wide notifications and announcements are far easier to deliver. This new system also enables far more flexibility in terms of programming and capabilities, live or recorded, for multi-building campuses."

Integrated IP-Based Communications

Telecenter U takes advantage of a district's data network to connect all of the facilities together, allowing communications to flow to and from the right people and places to deliver a seamless, unified solution.

The system includes an integrated IP-based internal communications solution for school-based intercom and paging, and interfaces with clock systems, security and access systems, and other public address equipment.

"Schools today may have many different systems across many different locations. Telecenter U leverages a school's investment in their existing infrastructure," said Lind, "by tying every communication system in every facility together with a single link - whether or not they're made by Rauland-Borg. With this integration, all communication functions are easily accessible from any device with a web browser."

A Complete Solution

Telecenter U delivers a complete, flexible communications solution for districts, campuses and schools in managing emergencies, events and every day:

"Now, every district can connect all of the separate audio and communication systems it has in each and every location to deliver seamless communications district-wide or school by school," said Lind. "And, it's easy to use, because the staff uses it every day, all day."

Telecenter U

Telecenter school solutions from Rauland-Borg deliver district-wide critical communications management, from the District to the Campus to the Classroom. Using Telecenter, a school system can integrate and manage communications involving Emergencies, Scheduling and Events, and Everyday use. Telecenter is a complete network-based solution that administrators can access anytime, from anywhere, using a phone or web browser.


Rauland-Borg is a respected leader in the design and delivery of advanced communications, workflow and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools worldwide. Local service and support is delivered through an international network of certified distributors.